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When I began coming to Roots I had very low confidence and now I'm a confident and outgoing individual due to the life coaching courses at The Roots Foundation Wales. The staff have helped me flourish and now I'm happy.  I also have a job now and in my spare time I volunteer my knowledge to the charity.
Anon 06/2015

Roots has helped me gain qualifications in different subjects, Awareness of sexual exploitation, ABI training and more. I now feel more confident. I now know I have other things I need to work on and Roots will be there to help me. 
Lee   30/06/15

Roots have helped me by gainig my confidence, meeting new people and offering their support. Support is amazing, always friendly, always open to opinions and never judgemental to anyone. If they can't help they try and point you in the right way. The courses that put in place are fantastic. Never pressure anyone who don't want to do anything. They have helped me so much, I always know if I need advice I can call if I need to anytime.  
Becca 30/06/15

Roots Foundation has helped well not just me but others too. They put so many courses on for people who want to gain qualifications and this looks extremely good on your CV. They are good at listening to young people when needed.
Ellen 30/06/15 

Since taking part in the CARE project learning about exploitation and how it can effect people and we all need to make sure what we get into and what friends we pick. Because I am in care it has helped me loads and think that this topic was so important that we needed to do what was said.  And Josh was really helpful and made us think about loads of things. Josh explained new things that I have never even heard of. 

Since taking part in the CARE project we have learnt about sexual exploitation and different types of it like grooming and stuff, it is interesting we all take it serious because it is a serious matter but when we learn it with Josh its always a good lesson.  I really like the way he delivers the lessons and its interesting.                    

 Chelsea Fennell 


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